Contact Information

Mrs. Laura Anthony-Browne
Tel No.:(784) 451-2707
PBX No.:(784) 456-1111
Ext No:
Fax No: 456-2430

General Information

Mission Statement

To promote/facilitate national development by assisting in the formulation of policies aimed at fostering socio-economic growth and development.

Vision Statement

The Economic Planning and Social Development Unit will provide better quality professional advice to decision-makers to facilitate national socio- economic development.


  1. To formulate goals, objectives and development strategies for the national economy.
  2. To coordinate the preparation of development plans, socio-economic strategy papers and reviews.
  3. To coordinate the incorporation of social policies into development planning.
  4. To assist in the coordination and implementation of technical cooperation programmes.
  5. To provide advice on issues relevant to socio-economic planning and development.
  6. To provide support services to the Cabinet Committee on the Economy (CCE) and the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC)

Key Clients

  • Government Ministries and Departments
  • Political Directorate
  • Statutory Corporations
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Private Sector
  • East Caribbean Central Bank
  • Caribbean Development Bank
  • IMF and World Bank
  • European Union
  • Other International Funding Agencies
  • Students


Hon. Camillo Gonsalves