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Young Persons To Participate In I.T. Program
Monday, 08 August 2016 12:57

Forty young persons are participating in a rapid skills training program in the field of computer networking and cell phone repair. This was disclosed by Minister of Economic Planning, Sustainable Development, Industry and Information, Hon Camillo Gonsalves, at the official launch of the Adopt a Classroom Program held recently at the Foreign Affairs conference room.


Minister Gonsalves said that there was an effort to try to select participants from areas where there are higher incidences of poverty.  The young persons will be trained then placed on attachment with local business companies.

He further added that, while the youngsters were doing their apprenticeship program, they would be paid a stipend by the Zero Hunger Trust Fund, and there are going to be a number of targeted approaches.  The Prime Minister had said we have to target the issue of hunger and poverty in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, not do some general things and hope the money trickle down to the right people, but try and target where we find the problems and come to the problems with solutions.

He expressed his excitement with the start of the program and also mentioned that international countries are also excited with what government is doing with the Zero Hunger program. He listed the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), as one of the international organisations which also expressed interest in the Zero Hunger Trust Fund and wants to be a part of it.

He also announced that a delegation from a friendly government will be visiting in the next week or so from the United Arab Emirates, specifically coming from Dubai, and they have also expressed interest in the Zero Hunger Trust Fund. The Minister added that “we are becoming a shining example for the rest of the region on how to tackle, in a targeted way, the issue of poverty and hunger".


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